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 Paralyze and mana fluids

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dumbo druid

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PostSubject: Paralyze and mana fluids   Tue Jan 31, 2012 7:39 pm

Seriously, do something about the Paralyze spell/rune.

It cost 900 mana to make, 900 to cast and it DOESNT DO SHIT ,It just says "You are paralyzed" but you still move at normal speed. Druids are fucking terrible without paralyze.

I mean, you did fix knights Exori after all so why not do something about Paralyze.

Imo remove the mana it costs to use or atleast lower it to 200 or something, and .. fix it, so that it actually makes you move slow.

Also the mana fluids are terrible, giving you a whoppin' 20 mana at times. A full BP of Manas could, when unlucky, give you like 600 mana.

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Paralyze and mana fluids
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